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    Radiology: Imaging Supplies and Accessories

    Radiology technicians and staff need the highest quality imaging supplies and equipment in order to successfully care for their patients. Colortrieve provides a wide range of the accessories you need at low prices with fast and easy shipping. We have partnered with one of the most respected names in the industry, Techno-Aide; we are one of the only retailers that carries their entire line of imaging supplies. We can supply you not only with the items your technicians need like x-ray markers and lead aprons, but also the items your clinic needs like positioning sponges, wheelchairs and stretchers, office signage, and more. If you have any questions regarding our radiology supplies, please contact us at or by phone at (800) 225-4805.

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11pt Manila Dental Style Jacket, Open Top Adjustable Leg Positioner

From: $122.00
Item: C10-04340
Open Top Full Envelope, 9-1/2"H Front (Box of 50)
Item: MCP-AP
Designed for CT & MRI Radiused Table Tops
Guards Arm-Sleeve .5mm Lead Immobilizers/Restraints   Badge Boards
Badge Boards
From: $69.00
0.5mm Pb Equivalency
Item: RDT-SH
Buckle Closure
Item: FBN
Radiation Badge Storage Board
Guards - Belt Table Top X-Ray Bins Shielded Door
Item: LGS-B11
15" x 18" Base
Item: BG
Can Be Used With Any Apron
Item: CPH-LD12
Lead Lined Table Top Bin With Shielded Door
Table Top X-Ray Bins Books - Digital Radiography & PACS Books - Merrill's Atlas Positioning
Item: CPH-LL12
Lead Lined Table Top Bin
Digital Radiography & Pacs Book (Available In Qty Of 5 Per Order)
Merrill's Atlas Positioning Book (Available In Qty Of 5 Per Order)
Books - Merrill's Pocket Guide To Radiography Books - Mosby CT Review Breast Coil Disposable Drapes
Merrill's Pocket Guide To Radiography
Mosby CT Review Book (Available In Qty Of 5 Per Order)
Item: MDA-BC1
Disposable Drapes
Breast Coil Disposable Drapes Guards Adult Breast Protection Guards Child Breast Protection
Item: MDA-BC2
Disposable Drapes
Item: BSA
0.5mm Pb Equivalency
Item: BSC
0.5mm Pb Equivalency
Button X-Ray Markers Sets Button X-Ray Markers Sets Caddys - Mobile Imaging
Item: BT-002
Round Brass Buttons, L & R 5/8"
Item: BT-001
Round Brass Buttons, L & R 5/8"
Item: PMA-C4
Mobile Imaging Caddy For Portable Units