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Colortrieve carries Techno-Aide's full selection of supplies for ultrasound and MRI procedures, from small disposables like MRI earplugs to larger equipment like transport gurneys.

We carry all the accessories you need to outfit your MRI department, including oxygen systems, positioning pads and sandbags, and wall and carpet warning signs. Our selection of disposable MRI items includes headrest and headset covers.

We offer a wide variety of ultrasound supplies including Aquasonic 100 and Clear in several sizes from individual pouches to 5 liter jugs. We also carry gel warmers and reusable dispenser bottles. Our ultrasound
probe covers come in an array of sizes; choose from latex or latex free and sterile or non-sterile packaging.

Colortrieve offers fast shipping and superior customer service; if you have any questions regarding our MRI/ultrasound supplies, please contact us
at or by phone at (800) 225-4805.

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Breast Coil Disposable Drapes Breast Coil Disposable Drapes
Item: MDA-BC1
Disposable Drapes
Item: MDA-BC2
Disposable Drapes
Item: MBG-6PV
Bariatric Gurney 600-lb Capacity
MRI Carts - Utility MRI Clip Board Set  4
MRI Carts - Utility
From: $456.00
MRI Clipboards
Price: $82.00
Item: MBG-7GF
Bariatric Stretcher 720-lb Capacity

Item: MUC
Utility Cart
Item: MBP-C5
Clip Boards
MRI Earplugs
MRI Earplugs
From: $137.00
MRI Earplugs
From: $115.00
MRI Earplugs
From: $98.00
Item: MBE
MRI Earplugs
Item: MBD
MRI Earplug Dispenser
Item: MBD
MRI Pure Fit Earplug Dispenser
MRI Eye Shades
MRI Eye Shades
Price: $175.00
Item: MBY-MK
Eye Shades
Item: MBC-75SO
Sofa Chair
Item: MBC-78CH
Item: MBC-80BC
Bariatric Chair
Item: MBC-82ET
End Table
Item: MBC-84CT
Coffee Table
MRI Glasses Prism MRI Hand Held Metal Detectors
MRI Glasses - Prism
Price: $136.00
Item: MBY-PG
Prism Glasses
Item: MLH-1
MRI Conditional Single Bag Hamper
Item: MBM-MD
Hand Held Metal Detector
MRI Hand Held Screening Magnets MRI Headrest Covers Disposable MRI Headset Covers
Item: MBM-SM
Hand Held Screening Magnet
Disposable Headrest Cover
Headset Cover