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Copiers & ID Printers Door Signs/Safelights Illuminators
X-Ray Film Bins

Colortrieve carries Techno-Aide's full line of darkroom and viewing accessories to keep your department running smoothly!

  • Replace your old x-ray view boxes with our state of the art Technovision film illuminators; we also carry specially designed mammography and spinal illuminators

  • Our safelights and safelight replacement make the film development process easy, and our illuminated signs notify staff that the darkroom is in use

  • Enhance your x-ray film storage with our darkroom film bins that can sit on any surface or mount on the wall to conserve space

  • Copying x-ray images is simple with our film duplicator. This machine quickly and easily produces copies of 14" x 17" film.

We offer fast shipping and superior customer service; if you have any questions regarding our radiology supplies, please contact us at or by phone at (800) 225-4805.

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Film Bin, Mammography X-Ray Film Bin Standard Film Duplicator
Film Bin - Standard
Price: $485.00
Item: MFB-75
3 Compartment Mammography Film Bin
Item: SFB-85
Standard Film Bin with Gas Spring
Item: 195D
Compact Copier up to 14" x 17" Film
Film Illuminator, Mammography Film Illuminator, Spinal Film Illuminator, Standard
Item: VBM-24
Mammography Viewing
Item: VBO-36
Ortho and Chiro Viewing
1,2,and 4 Bank Illuminator
ID Printer Cards Custom ID Printer Cards, Standard ID Printer
ID Printer
Price: $252.00
Item: IDC
Custom Cards
Item: IDS
Printer Cards
Item: IDP-33
Auto Exposure Printer
Illuminated Darkroom Sign Illuminated Door Sign Custom Mammography Cassette Rack
Item: SLU
Darkroom Signs
Item: SLU-CX
Create Your Own Door Dign
Item: MCH-20
Mountable Mammography Cassette
Replacement Bulbs Replacement Clear Glass for 450D Copier Replacement Filters
Replacement Bulbs
From: $19.00
Item: BLB
Item: GCL-450
Item: FTR
Safelight, Safespot
Safelight - Safespot
Price: $151.00
Item: SSP-15
Increase Darkroom Efficiency
Item: SL2-M
LED Illuminated Signs
Item: V-LED
1, 2, 3, or 4 Bank Viewbox
Item: VBS-10LED
1 Bank Illuminator
Four Film Capacity